Railog: Ha e LaraĆ¾

Night and Day

Each morning the Bright Lord Yll (Yll) is born in the east. It starts with a soft, golden glow that increases in brightness as time of his birth approaches. He mounts his chariot and drives it across the sky, the chariot wheel being the obvious and visible manifestation. His power and brilliance grows as he nears the apex of his journey and gradually dims when he passes it and sinks to the west for his daily death. Yll's blood suffuses the sky with brilliant scarlet color which then fades into darkness.

Each night the Dark Lord Styj (Styj) is born in the west from Yll's death. His birth is heralded by dark tendrils that reach from the western horizon and spread across the sky. When he rises, it is to drive his chariot across the sky. His dark light suppresses sight while increasing fear and doubt. The depth of the night increases until he reaches his zenith and descends to his death in the east where his blood tinges the sky with pink.