Railog: Motar e Fetiki

The Eight Elements

All of reality is compromised of elements (motar) whose existence and interaction define everything from space to motion to weight to color to friction to heat to light. There are eight of these elements whose forms are known as thynadi (þynadi).

Element (motar) Imta Color Represents
Hrethti (hreþti)RyysBlueCool emotions (platonic love, peace)
Rblus (rblus)ArasRedHot emotions (passionate love, rage)
Styj (styj)LyysBlackDark emotions (fear, hate)
Chikan (cikan)ThykaYellow or GoldPerception
Therak (þerak)TheraBrown or CopperSubstance, form, weight, inertia
Mostin (mostin)OsimWhite or SilverMotion and distance
Rech (rec)RyysGreenLife and energy
Thuig (þuig)ThoingGreySpirits and ectoplasm