Welcome to a different world!

Railog is a magical place where the world is flat, the sun dies each day, reality is comprised of the eight elements, the land is populated by omyr, larin, kronin, arlioin, great lar, low lar, and so on, but nary a human in sight. The “moon” (Raimon, Raimon) turns between Railog and Ylansi so that she appears more as a coin spinning in the sky than what we think of as a moon with phases.

The prevalent civilization has no notion of marriage or of traditional families (or parentage) with professional associations filling those roles. To change the nature of something requires mystical ability that is granted by the gods through spirit intermediaries to select members of those professional associations. And outside of that, most adults have at least one spirit bound to them in the form of a fetish. For more information see Railog Quick Information.

In short, it is a very different sort of place though their cosmology includes our Earth as one of the eight worlds (Umath) and the souls of the departed from Umath collect in another of the eight worlds (Thuigamu, Þuigamu), albeit bereft of memory.

A popular pastime is playing cards with a variety of card games from the various parts of the Misty Sea and Partonen. The genolar commonly use a deck of 96 (sometimes 112) cards consisting of eight suits of twelve cards each. Mercenaries (known as yamir in Par-Yst) use the cards to play a game known as yamiro (yamiro). Some decks can be bought from DriveThruCards. For more information see Railog Cards.